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    Question Unanswered: Cowboys, computers, and list boxes!


    I am trying to build a database that a beef producer could use to keep track of his cattle information. What I am stuck on at the present time, however, is to move more than one cow from one pasture to another. I have a CowLocation table that has CowID, CowLocation, and DateMovedTo that I keep track of the latest location that each cow is in. I run a query that looks at the max DateMovedTo for each cow and shows the location she is now in.

    I am able to choose a FROM location and load a list box with all the cows in that location at this time. I also have another list box set up that loads with all the cows in the TO location.

    What I want to do is select multiple CowID's in the FROM listbox and make new rows in the CowLocation table that adds the selected CowID, CowLocation, and DateMovedTo values and then moves them into the TO list box. Right now I don't know how to make Access select multiple cows in the FROM list box and then update the changes.
    Some insight to this would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, David

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    Take a look at my recent post here and see if that helps:

    You need to make sure that the list box is a multiselect one which is done in its properties. On the 'Other' tab make sure the multiselect is set to extended.

    Hope this helps.

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