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    Unanswered: Extract to flat file

    I would like to extract the contents of a few tables toa flat file.I used DEL format,but it did not extract a few fields because the varchar size is 256.The warning was that the size of these files were greater than 254.
    What is the significants of 254.

    there are nearly 4000 records.
    I need to extract the values,pls help.


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    I believe the error you are getting is just a warning (see below).
    I tried to EXPORT data from a table with a column that is varchar(4096)
    and it exported ok with the warning below (same message you stated).
    Basically what the warning means is that DB2 has no problem with the export, but some programs you might want to use to look at the extracted file may not work properly because of the large column.



    Column number "<column-number>" (identified as "<name>") in the output DEL format file is longer than 254 bytes.

    Explanation: The length or maximum length of the specified output column is greater than 254 bytes. Columns larger than 254 are not supported by some
    other products.

    The entire field is exported without truncation.

    User Response: If the output file cannot be processed by another product, export only a substring of the incorrect column, redefine the table, or manually
    truncate the data in the DEL column.

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