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    Unanswered: DB2 Data Warehouse help - newbie


    We just installed the DB2 Data Warehouse product for Windows and I'm going to be attending training in NY in June so I'm trying to get a handle on this ahead of time. Currently all of our warehouse data resides on an AS/400.

    1. What exactly am I going to use this product to do?

    2. Is there a way to get our data from the AS/400 to the DB2 Data Warehouse?

    3. I can perform SQL queries with the CLP so I believe everything is installed properly.

    Just the begining for now. Anyone have any suggestions on how to learn this monster?



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    Im am pretty experienced with the datawarehouse center that comes with DB2. If you have an enterprise edition, it is no problem to extract data from the AS/400 through DB2-connect. It is also no problem to create target tables on the AS/400.

    Just run through the tutorial (start the DWC from within the control center), try to create a source for your AS/400, define a process, create a SQL-step, create a target .....

    If any questions come up, feel free to contact me



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    What version of DB2 UDB on Windows are you running?
    What version is running on AS/400?

    Take small, easy steps in the beginning.... Pull (using Export/Import in IXF format) a small table into DWH and work with it a bit..... Don't rely on the GUI tools too much, they have let me down in the past and if you know CLP commands - you will get a much better feel of the way DWH and DB2 works....

    Before you do anything on DWH, create an SMS tablespace on the DWH so any tables you create w/o table space name will default to it instead of system default.... or worse, a DMS tablespace....


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    I'm running 7.2 in Windows and on the AS/400 the os level on the 400 is V5R1 I believe.

    What's the best way to learn the CLP commands? I've run it and done some basic SQL queries to test it out.

    I'm in the DWC gui and I'm trying to create a source table entry from the AS/400 and when it display the tables not all of my tables are listed. The ones that I really need are not viewable but I can access them from CLP. Any ideas?

    This is a general question now. Once I get tables loaded in the Data Warehouse then what do I do? What is the best way to access the data to make it useful. Currently we use Excel, Access, and Crystal Reports to generate our reports as well as queries on the 400 to export to Excel. What exactly is the benefit of this product to me?


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