i am new to access so i am probably missing something simple! i am getting an error when i try to get the count of an array. i declare this array in the general declarations as

dim isAView() As String

in a later sub i do...

Set oViews = oServer.Databases.Item(sDatabase).Views
iViewCount = oViews.Count
ReDim isAView(iViewCount - 1) As String
iIndex = 0
For Each oView In oViews
If oView.SystemObject = False Then
isAView(iIndex) = oView.Name
iIndex = iIndex + 1
End If
Next oView

this works fine. then, when i try to use the array in a later sub...

ReDim Preserve isAView(oServer.Databases.Item(sDatabase).Views.Co unt)
For iLoop = 0 To isAView.Count - 1
If isAView(iLoop) = sTable Then
boolView = True
End If
Next iLoop

i am getting an "invalid qualifier" error on isAView.Count... should i be doing ReDim Preserve? what am i missing?
thanks for the help