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    Unanswered: Version 8 Field Name Lengths?

    Is there a new restriction on the length of field names?

    I am testing the migration from 7.2 fixpack 9 to version 8.1 fixpack 1.

    I can change my websphere app to point to a version 8 replica of my version 7test database, and i get the following error: [IBM][JDBC Driver] CLI0611E Invalid column name. SQLSTATE=S0022

    on field name unverifiedDepositCreditLimit (this is 30 characters)

    I can run the same query from a command window and get identical results between the 2 databases, is this some type of jdbc problem?

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    The maximum column name length has not decreased. DB2 V8.1 FP2 is now available.

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    Cool, I did not know FP2 was out yet.

    I have been able to figure out a little more what is going on though.

    The websphere app runs on a box that still has 7.2. It is hitting a database on a remote server that is 8.1, but with the 7.2 jdbc driver.

    This is truncating the field names in the result set down to 29 characters.

    I have a java program that does nothing but query a table for 1 row and then print out the field names from the metadata object, and can run it locally on the 8.1 server and get the full field names, and then run it on the 7.2 box/driver and see the truncation.

    My solution should be then to just point to the 8.1 driver from within the websphere config.

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