I have written a VB application that uses an MS Access
2002 database. The main table, PostCode, contains 427, 000
records. The primary key for this table is a text field
that contains the actual postcode. Normally, I would make
all primary keys an autoincrement data type, but my
predecessor created the database. I'll change this
depending on your feedback.

There are 2 other tables in my database, Typen, with 44
records, and Groepen with 13 records. Typen has a Primary
Key, Type_Id, a text field, and Groepen has a Primary Key,
Groep_Id, which is also a text field.

The query below, which takes 15 seconds to execute, is ran
at the start of the application:

QryPcdeList = "SELECT Pcde.Postcode, Pcde.GridOost,
Pcde.GridNoord, Pcde.Type, Type.Type_naam, Grp.Groep_id,
Grp.Groep_naam, Pcde.[Index] AS Idx, Pcde.Huish " _
& "FROM PostCode AS Pcde, Typen AS Type, Groepen AS
Grp " _
& "WHERE Pcde.Type = Type.Type_Id " _
& "AND Type.Groep_Id = Grp.Groep_Id;"

Can anyone make any recommendations as to how I can reduce
the time taken to execute this query?

Thanks in advance.