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    Hello everyone,

    For a while I have been experiencing deadlocks on my tables.
    I am not sure how to get this fixed.

    I have done lots of research but havent come to a result as yet.

    Here is a bit of background on the apps that are cause these deadlocks,

    I work at an ISP, we run about 8 radius servers, which open up a connection to our database to authenticate users and to insert accounting records. We also use radius (radiator) to give us information about our users online, meaning that our modem box servers where users dial in to send update packets every 5 minutes for each user which radiator handles and updates our database.

    We then have another application which goes through all these account records and "processes" them, Meaning that it will find the stop records for a particular user, then grab the start record , then bill the customer, insert a record to our history table and then delete those records. These 2 (well in actual fact 9 programs because of our 8 radius servers) programs are causing deadlocks, I dont know how to fix this,

    Are there any steps I can take to stop this, minimise this. Any help will be very helpful

    thanks guys

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    Refer to this link about lock contentions and how to tame them.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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