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    Unanswered: SQL troubles please help....

    I have a form that through VB code loads information from 2 tables in a WEB or Paging style format..

    Basically one table is nothing but pictures with basic information and there are various pictures for each "ID" number because of revisions to te product design.

    the other table is a list of information about each "ID" product w/ ID being my FK and no duplicates of this....

    My current SQL is omitting information.....?

    "select * FROM Development, developmentpictures WHERE Development.[KinderNumber] = developmentpictures.[KinderNum]"

    What I want with my form is to return everypicture and next to the picture I want the information from the information table to populate about that ID that pertains to that picture........

    hopefully this makes sense and Please help!!!!

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    Re: SQL troubles please help....

    put your fields you wanna select here seperated with a , so :
    field1 , field2 , field3

    FROM Development
    LEFT JOIN developmentpictures ON Development.[KinderNumber] =developmentpictures.[KinderNum]

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