Hi all,

I have a problem about Oracle 8i in the windows 2000 Server environment.

The situtation is as the following:
At the began, we install the Oracle 8i in the windows 2000 server with
workgroup name "abc". The installation process is fine and its work smoothly.

But after it, the user decide to change the workgroup name from "abc" to "efg". So, we stopped the oracle 8i database, and change the workgroup name. We rebooted the windows 2000 server and we found that the oracle 8i is unable to mount up. Then we changed back the workgroup name from "efg" to "abc" again, and it works again.

We did try to rename the workgroup name, and stop the instance.
Then we create a new instance named "booktest".
But the "booktest" instance is also not able to startup with the new workgroup name. But it is able to mount up when change the workgroup name to the orginially one, "abc".

Same situtation happened when we change the ip address for the oracle Server.

I would like to ask any method to handle this problem?