I have a multi-user program written in VB 6 that is shared by up to 15 people. The database remains open as long as anyone has the program running. I'm using set DB and set RS statements, as well as .addnew, .edit, and .update. I'm encountering situations similar to what MarkGordon described in "Records locks don't release - error 3260/3187."

One user gets a message that data is locked by another user, and the other user is usually on a data entry screen (and often is out to lunch). I'm having difficulty understanding how this second user can still have the data locked after all processes appear to be complete.

I've seen the sample piece of error trapping code posted by IGelin in reply to JeremyE's post "Trap Error and Retry after a time interval ??????", and I can see how this will prevent the program from crashing, but can I do anything else that will allow the first user to save data that is locked by someone who may not even be around?

Thanks for any insights you can provide.