I am having a heck of a time getting DREAMWEAVER MX to discover the MySQL DB.

I have
localhost path= f:\MySQL\BIN
ODBC driver = 3.51 (Although I have errors in DSN regarding this:: it is throwing a translator error when trying to add a new connection)

I've tried
connection wizard, no joy:: I get a '405 METHOD not allowed' when I run the TEST
MySQL Server: localhost ( I tried F:\mysql\bin without luck )
UserName: dbuser
Password:(put pwd here)
Database: test

I've tried
connect_string = "Driver={MySQL}, Server=localhost, Database=Mysql, user=dbuser, pwd=(insert pwd here)"
set DbConn = server.CreateObject("adodb.connection")
DbConn.open connect_string

And no joy.

I will admit that this is on a Development Server and the MySQL was put there to hack at and I got no real support from ADMIN. Not their fault, Just that we are all learning what works.

SO, if this is a simple answer--cool, if it is a connection error I'm looking for suggestions on what to suggest to the Sys Admin to get a connection string that works.

thanks in advance,