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    Unanswered: ASA8 ODBC - virtual memory error

    I have a simple application written in vb6 that extracts contents of
    an ASA8 database to an XML file, running on Windows NT4. I have found that it eats memory on
    the subset of data I am testing with, and calculate it will use 1Gb
    Memory to extract the whole set of data!

    I therefore set about finding the memory leak and have discovered it
    has something to do with the ODBC driver. If I dump the relevant data
    into an MS Access database and use that as the datasource I get a huge
    difference in performance/memory usage. ie:

    ASA8 (v8.00.00.2065) mem usage: 110360K, handles: 48823
    MSAccess mem usage: 6876K (peak 9800K),handles: 38 (yes
    thirty-eight!)(peak 75)

    I have created a simple vb6 program to reproduce this problem. It
    opens the database, runs a select statement, closes the database and
    loops round. Again, using Access I get much lower memory usage:

    ASA8 (v8.00.00.2065) mem usage: 15216K, handles: 3045
    MSAccess mem usage: 5572K, handles: 35

    Example code below.

    Can anyone help me with this? Is there a bug in the ASA8 odbc driver
    v8.00.00.2065 which doesn't release memory?

    Imran Ali

    Example code

    Option Explicit

    Sub Main()

    Dim conn As New ADODB.Connection
    Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset
    Dim fField As Field
    Dim i As Long

    For i = 1 To 1000

    conn.Provider = "ASAProv.80"
    conn.ConnectionString = "uid=dba;pwd=sparky;dsn=dlgsdst_xml"

    rs.CursorType = adOpenStatic

    Set rs = conn.Execute("select record_number,
    application_number, parish_code_1, parish_code_2, proposal, location,
    applicants_name, applicants_address, application_type,
    status_code_description, decision_date, decision, appeal_lodged_date,
    appeal_decision_date, appeal_decision, agents_name, agents_address,
    agents_phone_1, gridref_east, gridref_north, received_date,
    site_notice_expiry_date, press_ad_expiry_date, committee_date,
    case_officer, modification_date from pla_planning")

    Set rs = Nothing

    Set conn = Nothing

    Next i

    MsgBox "Finished"

    End Sub

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    Willy is on vacation

    Looks like a bug, sounds a bug. Contact Sybase technoical Support, you can log 2 free calls if this product is a new purchase.

    Are you using Sybase Anywehere 8 beta release by any chance?


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