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    I have a two relevant tables called TRANSACTIONS, which holds ProjectID (1,2,3 ...), Value (100,200,300...), and Period (1,2,3). and PERIOD which holds a number of fields connected with the period, such as notes etc.

    I would like to create a dynamic report based on a form where the user can select a period from a drop down menu and then a report is generated from this for the period requested. I am OK with this part but I struggling to create the report i need to.

    The report should look something like:

    Period Notes (from the Period table)

    ProjectID, Period value, Previous Period Value
    -----------, --------------, --------------------
    1, 100, 120
    2, 200, 100
    3, 300, 400

    The problem is I cannot find a way of showing the Previous Period value in a query based on the period the user has selected from the drop down menu on the form. i.e user selects period 5, period value = 5 and previous period value is period value -1 = 4.

    I would be very grateful for any help on this problem.

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    cannot you have in the txt box for previous period
    under control source =[PeriodValue] - 1
    hope this helps
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