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    Unanswered: VBA Code for admin password on login form

    I am creating a booking database and have a login form for administrators who is to have full access rights and staff to have read only rights. This is a small database and will be split once.

    Is there some specific VBA code that I can entered to enable the administrator to enter a password on the login form and then click an enter button to access the add/edit/update form?

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    sure - based on the criteria being met (correct password) on the oncurrent event of the form you can say

    if Currentuser = "username" then
    me.allowedits = true
    me.allowedits = false
    end if

    You can do this other ways - like restricting rthe user at the security level to not to be able to edit or delete records from table objects.

    Lots of ways here.

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