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    Unanswered: Incremental Count of Returned Rows

    I can't seem to get an incremental count in a text box to give me a running count of returned records in the detail section. I think I'm having a Monday on a Wed.
    I have my sums in just fine, I want to place a row count on each detail line for reference. i.e.: if there are 10 records returned each row will have a incrementing number 1,2,3,4... on it.

    I have tried to add this txt box to my report ::
    name:: = run_ct
    Control Source :: =[run_ct]+1

    and it returns an error on every detail line. I'm not setting it to start at 1 and increment 1 for each line correctly.

    Any suggestions appreciated.


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    In property window of that textbox enter "=1" (without quotation mark)in CONTROL SOURCE property and RUNNING SUM = overgroup

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