environment: Oracle 9i on Compaq proliant dl580 with 4 xeon 1.7 Mhz 2GB RAM

the following kernel params are set :

shmmax = 2147483648
shmmni = 4096
shmall = 2097152
shmmsl = 360
semmni = 100
semopm = 100
sem = 250 32000 100 128


when booting the server the oracle processes are started:
all 10 backggroundprocesses can be seen
but when connecting to oracle using sqlplus oracle is posting
connected to an idle instance
when trying to start it posts correctly ORA-01102 Database could not be mounted exclusively (their are the 10 background processes running)

while the alert.log is saying database open

killing the background processes and starting the instance natively through sqlplus works
how to make the boot process starting up oracle correctly???

any suggestions where the missconfiguration is located

any help highly appreciated ..