I have a Word document that references a query in my Access 2000 database. A number of the fields in my query use indexes from various tables.

For instance, say I have an agreement I want to tie back to a customer. I use a relationship between the agreement table and the customer table to reference the ID (or indexed field) of the agreement. As you may know, you can hide the ID field and show the agreement name in the query.

Well in the mail merge, it imports all the fields correctly except those using a relationship to an indexed field.

So instead of getting...

Joshua Brock
Agreement ABC

I get...

Joshua Brock

"1" being the index value from the agreement table...I need the name associated with the index, not the index value itself. When I look at the query it shows me the value I'm looking for, i.e. "Agreement ABC". If I export the query to an excel file, it uses the index value instead.

Please tell me this is something simple I've overlooked, like having an incorrect Bound Column, Column Count or something.

Thanks much!!