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    Question Unanswered: [Informix ODBC Driver] General Error

    I have a time tested application. I was running it against Informix 3.01 for several years without failure. Now I am being forced to upgrade to Informix ODBC 3.34 and/or 3.80

    When running the application I recieve error -11060 (General Error) When i turned on SQL trace I discovered it was happening whenever a "Begin Work" statement was transacted.

    Any prognosis? It does not appear to have any effect on my functionality, but my customer will definetly not want the product with this error in it.

    Thanks for any suggestions or comments.

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    Check out this link from microsoft:

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    Thumbs up error -11060 (General Error) informix

    Hi, I had the same trouble.

    Maybe the causes are diferents, but I wnat to share it with us.

    I have a string with polish characters.
    Then char by char, i review it and I do a replace.
    the "enter" or char(13) in hexadecimal is like: H0D H0A (togheter).

    In my replacement I use: HOD changed by H20 (space) and H0A changed by NULL (H00).

    the final string look fine, and when I test it directly on an SQL Editor, my sentences (insert into) work very well, but when it instruction (insert into) is launched from my ODBC conection, it FAIL.

    To correct it mistake, I has changed H0D = H20 and H0A = H20 too. and I don´t have two separators char, justo one. And now I don´t have more this mistake.

    I hope that it could help you.

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