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    Angry Unanswered: Access 2002 Crashing


    Okay, I'm currently working with a company that is having me work with a database that was created awhile back. The problem right now is that the database would crash on a daily basis. It has information in it that everyone uses and accesses. People are complaining that it is running to slow and so forth. The company only has about 40 employees, so I know that it can't be b/c there are too many people trying to access the database (at least that's what I think). I checked the size of the database through the properties, and it says: 38.5 MB. There are some tables that have thousands of records, but the size is still within the limits of Access. I'm not sure how to start debugging this problem and thought that someone may be able to point me in the right direction. We're using Access 2002, but running an Access 200 file format. I'm not sure if this would be an issue or not. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time

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    If the mdb is in 2000 format and you are using XP(2002) there is quite abit of "roundtripping" taking place (file conversion, integrity checks, references, etc.)

    are the tables that store that data on a server and the frontend (forms,reports,queries, etc) at the user desktops?

    When is there a slowdown of the system - if it is at a certain time everyday that can mean a process is taking place (scheduled event) and you may be dealing with bandwith (traffic) issues.

    If it is a certain event within the app that slows things down you need to look at what the event does.

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