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    Unanswered: SQL and ADP, form loading Dilemma

    I have an ADP fornt end and a SQL Server backend.
    When I opend the forms bound to SQL Server tables, it took a while till the form loadded, specially in the remote offices and on the forms with thousands of records it was very slow.
    To solve that problem I set an event on the "on open" property of my forms :"DoCmd.GotoRecord,,acLast.
    This way when the form opens it will directly go to the last record and the form loads much faster.
    I don't understand why? In both cases all records are available, why is it faster when SQL goes to the last record.

    This also solved another problem that I had. I have a button on my forms that will open and find data on another forms based on a value on the original form. This would first open the target form, clone its recordset and then find a record in the cloned recordset and the using the bookmark method find that record on the form, but it was solved when I set the on open property to go to the last record.

    Does anybody know why?
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    May refer to this link for information.
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