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    Unanswered: what is the fixed overhead per row?

    I am trying to calculate the size of tablespace using the following formula:

    size = ( [no. of rows ] * [row size] ) / 1024
    //1024 is used to get size in KB.
    increasing the size by 50% at safer size . allocating half of the above size to index tablespace. Can any one fine tune it furthur? is there any thing like fixed overhead per row in db2 ?

    thanks in advnc

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    If you are talking about DB2 for UNIX, Linux, and Windows, refer to the "DB2 UDB Administration Guide: Planning." They have several formulas for estimating the size of tables and indexes. The formulas take into account both row overhead and page overhead.

    I am sure that the DB2 S/390 manuals have similar formulas.

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