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    Question Unanswered: Field(s) for Multiple Serial numbers for same location

    I'm having to self teach Access to my self. Please hang in there with me.

    Problem: My database houses installation information for the various locations of a large router & switch install project. The locations will only have one new router going into each location, however, some locations will have up to 8 switches installed. I need to keep track of the router model#, router serial number, old router serial number, switch model, switch serial number, and old switch serial number for each location. My problem is with the tracking of the switchs. I do not know how to keep track of the switch model, serial number and old switch serial number without having a seperate field for the 8 possible switches. I will also need to be able to create a report which will give me a listing of all the completed locations and lists all the serial numbers for both the router and switchs installed. Like I said the router information isn't a problem because only one router will be installed per location, however, with anywhere from 1 to 8 switchs to be installed at a single location, I'm stumped.

    Question: Can someone teach me how to solve my switch field problem? I am also having difficulty setting up the relationships within my database as well. I've come to the conclusion "self taught" isn't really a good idea for MS Access.

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    using a hierarchy like this:

    The primary data is the router - One table using the router Id and its identification data (present serial, etc)

    then the many side is the switch data with their identification data

    one to many router to switches

    also you may have a location lable with one to many going to the routers - no reaseon to store text data repeatedly in a table.

    Let me know if this helps or if I am too vague - email me I love working with "newbies" as I understand the concept of self-taught and database management.

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