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    Exclamation Unanswered: Set Rowcount Not Working through Java

    Hello ,
    I m using Sybase Adaptive IQ 12.4.3 server.I am trying to limit the size of rows fetched from a table which contains 12 lac records.After selecting the records I am writing them to a flat file using Export .
    But my set rowcount statement is not showing any effect and whole of my 12 lac records are written into the file.The code i m using is as below:
    boolean b=stmt.execute("select customer_key,month_key,service_key,status_key,comb ined_revenue into #temporary from telco_facts ");
    stmt.execute("set rowcount 100");
    stmt.execute("SET TEMPORARY OPTION Temp_Extract_Name1='f:\\topRec.txt'");
    stmt.execute("select * from telco_facts order by service_key");

    If instead of exporting the data into flat file ,I select it into a resultset
    set row count works.I m using JConnect 5.5 JDBC driver.
    Please suggest me how should I resolve this problem.
    Thanks in advance.
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