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    Unanswered: something funny going on

    So I've got a customer repair tag report sorted by part #'s. And when trying to print the report for a specific set of dates, it excludes records that have been edited since the last date in the range. Even though these records were initially entered with a 'received' date. Now thinking that the report spec was using the last edited date to sort instead of the received date, this would be an easy fix. But after further inspection it does indeed include the received date. Now why oh why is it excluding records that have been edited since their initial entry. I'm relatively new to Paradox use, and all of the files were written by someone else with no type of documentation. I've searched the scripts and can't find anything askew, but as I said...I'm new to this so I'm not totally sure what I'm looking for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Can you be more specific?

    What version of Paradox are you using?

    Is the report based on a query or on a table then filtered/ordered by the report?

    Is the problem occurring in interactively printing the report or printing by ObjectPAL code?
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