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    Unanswered: EinOutError paradox8 in xp

    I have a app. that I run under win 98 ( it's working perfect )
    now I have install win xp on that computer with that app.
    paradox is running I can open tables bath wen i wont to run the app. i get a messenger ( Exception EInOutError in module ( name app. ) at 000.......... I/O Error 183

    Is there anyone that can help me

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    Re: EinOutError paradox8 in xp

    We are having the same problem with the same Error message of 183 in Paradox 8. I will post any answers I can find. I hope you can do the same if you figure it out.

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    Re: EinOutError paradox8 in xp

    I received this fix from hilaryanglin's tech person. It did the job! I hope it helps others who are having the same problem:

    1. Go to System Properties (right-click on My Computer, select Properties)
    2. Click on the "Advanced" tab.
    3. Click on the "Environment Variables" button.
    4. Change the "TEMP" and/or "TMP" variables to "C:\temp"
    5. Click OK until you close the system properties.
    6. Create a C:\temp folder if you don't already have one.

    Good luck!
    T.C. Long

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