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    Unanswered: Linking Oracle tables in MS Access

    Hi, i'm importing oracle tables in Access using ODBC. Here's how I do it:

    1. First I link the table in Oracle using ODBC
    2. Run a make table query to copy the contents of the link table to my local table
    3. Delete the link table

    My problem is that if my table is big, this process do not work. It seems that the make table query runs before the table is successfully linked.
    Does any one know how to check whether the table have been successfully linked before I run the make table query? Here's part of my code.

    Set tdfStore= dbs.CreateTableDef("store")
    tdfStore.Connect = strConnect
    tdfStore.SourceTableName = ""
    dbs.TableDefs.Append tdfStore
    Set tdfStore= Nothing

    'If successful?? then run query
    DoCmd.OpenQuery "qry_create_store", acViewNormal

    DoCmd.DeleteObject acTable, "store"


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    if you think that timing is an issue then post a messagebox to display immediately after the link is made - this will at least allow you to step through the event

    could try docmd.doevents
    could also try errorhandling to see if there is an oracle timeout.

    the oracle timeout whether it occurrs during the link or the append will be "silent" in many cases

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