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    Unanswered: Creating an Admin user

    I am trying to create 2 types of user: 1. Admin, and 2. Normal users.

    I can successfully set this up, but the problem is I find the admin user can't make structural changes to the database while one or more normal users are logged in. An error message is displayed saying that "admin user...." is logged in so you can't make the changes.

    How do I stop the normal users from being identified as admin users... so that the admin user can make structural changes even if other users are logged in?

    I am aware that my "admin user" and the users that access think are admin users are different (my naming problem).

    Anyway, is it possible to change an access db structually while other users are using it? How?



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    In a nutshell:

    version 2000 will not allow one to make design changes to an object while another user may be using the object.

    While technically you can in 97 there are still some issues.

    Access security works in reverse of most secured system - Access enforces the LEAST restrictive rights of the users

    To make changes in 2000 you will have to take control of the app in an exclusive state which then prohibits others from using the app.

    Here is a workaround

    Create a frontend (forms,queries, reports, etc) and a backend - the data tables - link to the backend using the Linktable manager

    Keep a master copy of the front end for design purposes on your machine and distribute it after you make changes. Or copy it back out to a central folder when changes are complete.

    be careful of multiple copies of a design master - best way without spending money is archive in folders representing the days you perfomed the work - or best yet use Visual sourcesafe from MS.

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