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    Unanswered: Linking user data (profiles) to updated entries

    If I create some user accounts (using the security wizard), how do I go about linking user profiles to these accounts?

    Also, when a user logs in and updates a record (in my case a contact history field), what is the best way of linking that user's profile to this updated entry.

    I was going to create a seperate table (ContactHistory) that has its own unique identifier, name of user, date and time, and a memo field that would link to the Contact History feild in the parent table.... sound ok? But how do I tie in the currently logged in user? Ie. how do I get access to record the current user's name/profile in the UserName field?

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    Ok - remember that users and groups are tied together and all are tied to each object in the database for instance if you give a user/group permission to run a an update query but no permission to the underlying table then no updates will occurr.

    her is a link to the security wizard from MS - that may be the one you are using;en-us;236010

    Defining your own security is no big deal but then you will be hardcoding user names/levels and when ever you add users you will have update your code: For instance

    If currentuser = "nameone" or currentuser = "nameTwo" Then
    Docmd.openquery "queryname"
    Exit Sub
    End if

    Now if you add another user and you want them to use the query you will have to ad that username in the code.

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