I am using Oracle9i on SUN Solaris 8.0 (SPARC). I have enabled Audit Feature in my database and audit trail information is being generated & being stored in AUD$ table is SYS Schema.

I have started the audit for some SQL Statements & System Privileges for some specific users (database users).

I would like to know which is the system table where it keeps the information about what all is being audited in this database & for which users. OR, how can i get those details..??

As far as Audit Trail Information is concerned, it is all working fine and i am able to see those records in SYS.AUD$ or in SYSTEM.DBA_AUDIT_TRAIL view. But, how can i know what all is being audited in this database...if i forget later on after enaling the audit.

Pls. suggest & help. Thanks a lot in advance to all u expert people.