Hi Every One:

I have this combo box on form .
Here is the Code for filling the Combo box

If formname![Category].Value = "RIPPED" Then
formname![Item Number].RowSource = ""
formname![Unit].Value = "LF"
formname![Item Transfer].Visible = False
cat = formname![Category]
SQLStmt = "Select * from [Inventory] where [Category]='" & cat & "'"
Set Adrs = curdb.OpenRecordset(SQLStmt, dbOpenDynaset)
While Not Adrs.EOF
formname![Item Number].RowSource = formname![Item Number].RowSource & Adrs![Item Number] & ";"
Set Adrs = Nothing
Call GetQuantityToProduceFirstRow(Form, formname, curdb)
RecipeItemNo = Form![Item Number]
Call GetRecipe(RecipeItemNo, curdb)
End If

This was Working perfect, till i updated database with 500 more items. Now its giving me error message "2176" "Setting for this Property is too long"
So this combo box wont hold so many values. Any solution ? thanx in advance.