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    Unanswered: Newbie: Multiple Servers & File Size Limits

    The Filemaker database that my company is using is fast approaching the file limit of 125 files. Does anyone have any experience with using multiple servers to increase the number of files hosted and hopefully increase performance? Current structure is Filemaker Server 5.5 and Filemaker Pro 6.

    We are also approaching the file size limit of 2 Gigs. What happens after we hit this limit? We are running Filemaker Server on a Windows 2000 Server box with NTFS5, which does not have a file size limit of 2 Gigs, so I was hoping someone, can provide me with some insight into this.


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    There are a solution where you must divise your dbs in to group and you must be sure that db in first group have no relation with db in group 2 So you can open db from 2 server.
    But be carefull, Filemaker can only open 50 file in a same time
    You can also use multiple Filemaker unlimited to use your solution on the web.
    Olivier Miossec

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