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    Unanswered: Completely Remove DB2 7.2


    I installed DB2 7.2 on AIX and filled up my /usr partition completely.
    I then ran installp -u db2_07_01 to remove all files. I made soft links
    from /usr/lpp/db2_07_01* to /data1/DB2Links/db2_07_01* and repeated the
    install. I am unable to create instances or the administration server,
    however the install completes without error.

    I would like to completely remove DB2 from my system and start from
    scratch, this time with my softlinks in place. How can I accomplish
    this? Is there a better way to specify the install path? Thank you in


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    Re: Completely Remove DB2 7.2

    DB2 was not setting up users properly- in /etc/system/user, users had SYSTEM = "files" and registry = AFS. That line should read registry = files. I made the switch, rmuser's, resized /usr, and started over. Thank you for reading.

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