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    Hey Gang, Im a database guy for over ten plus years. I started a project about 6 months ago and now after proving myself the co. want me permanent. I just need to be more acclemated to the newly implemented Java application. I'll be honest. I don't know Java. I've always had someone on staff who can handle it for me. Know the guy who built the application is leaving and I have to come up to speed within a month for support purposes. Now Is the a book that you'll can recomend I start with. I here "JavaServer Pages, 2nd Edition" is good from the page to SQL Server aspect but I need the basic seeds of Java.


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    Hi there,
    Congratulations on getting a permanent post. Here is a list of java books that i recommend:

    1. Java 2: the complete reference

    2. Java : How to Program

    3. Beginning Java

    4. Java Databases.

    The first one is very good as it covers basic java core language. You could also visit, there are tutorials on the core language.

    Hope that helps


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