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    Unanswered: reading dataflex files

    I would like to read and analyse some old dataflex 4.7 files, over three years old.

    The compiled dataflex application doesn't run in a dosbox. I get an error 75, can't read dat file. I would like the apllication to run, but most important is to get the data.

    Does anybody know how to read these dataflex files and convert them to access or mysql or whatever currect database system?

    thanx in advance!

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    I know this is a realy old thread, but I figure other poeple might be searching for it. I had to access dataflex 3.1 I did it with Connx ODBC driver. It works, that's about all I'll say about it.

    to get the native dataflex ap to work in a console window, you probably just need to mess with your paths. It's very particular about how this works.

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