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    Unanswered: sp_start_job

    when running sp_start_job it says it started the job successfully but the job doesn't start. Can't start the job from enterprise manager either. Also can't disable an enabled job. Jobs which have been created and scheduled (prior to 4 weeks ago) still run on schedule. Can create new jobs but they don't run on command or when scheduled. No error messages. Have full adminstrative rights. Ran DBCC CheckDB on MSDB.

    Any clues or ideas?

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    Problem went away after stopping and starting the sqlagent with out a reboot. Still don't know what has caused this. Domain account which serves this agent was not locked out. Passwords were ok. In fact, I know the agent was running because services indicated so and the fact that the scheduled jobs were running with success.

    All I can think of is that something with the executable was corrupt.

    strange problem, hope it doesn't ocur again

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    I have seen this happen once or twice with SQL2K.

    Don't count on it as this is a Microsoft probuct.
    Paul Young
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