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    Question Unanswered: [PLS HELP!!] multimedia program using delphi

    I am developing a windows multimedia program to play video and audio files but I have one major problem.

    I don't want to provide the source video and audio files (wma and wmv) for users, they may copy it and use any other program to play it or publish it on the net..

    I need to compile these files into dll or dat or whatever format so that it will be useless without my application.

    can anyone help please?

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    Re: [PLS HELP!!] multimedia program using delphi

    What kind of DB you use.

    I worked with DBIsam when i was doing something simmilar.
    You have blob fields and It makes dat file.

    You can use also any other DB with blob posibility of field.

    If this is not somekind of really complex system, i'll recomend DBIsam.


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