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    Unanswered: upgrade from 11.5 to 12.0

    Hi all

    I am in the process of preapre upgrade for Sybase from 11.5 to 12.0,

    My question is I am going to upgrade the same ASE, it is mean I will run sqlupgraders script on my ASE, after the script execution finish do I need to load my user database again or sqlupgraders has already upgrade all the databases inside the ASE.

    As you know when we build new separeate ASE on 12.0, then we need to take db dump on 11.5 and then load it on 12.0 in order to upgrade teh database.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hiya tech2000,

    The purpose of sqlupgrade is to upgrade the ASE server from previous versions to a destination version, which in your case is ASE 12.0.

    Once you have used sqlupgrade and completed upgrade means you don't have to load those old user databases on again. Using sqlupgrade itself is a complete upgrade and no loading of user databases is required. If you do, then you are effectively doing an upgrade twice.


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    Willy is correct . you should have a variable OLDSYBASE pointing to the old database which will be upgraded by sqlupgrade.


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    I think it better that you install ASE 12 first and load the dump form 11.5.
    Because you have recover the system or install ASE if sql upgrade fails

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    We have been throught this upgrade on several very large systems, so
    i thought i might pass on some tips

    1) take the backup - goes without saying
    2) you can happily run the upgrade on the database as is - if it fails THEN you can restore back to 11.5 that way you only restore if there is a problem, the other way round just adds time
    3) it takes a while on large databases, especially if you all of the recommended dbcc steps as well!
    4) TAKE a copy of your interfaces file if you have more than one entry
    as it only upgrades the first entry - the rest have to be reapplied by hand
    5) take the time to apply the EBF's this saves further heartache later
    6) Make sure that you get the operating system up to date as well - there are some operating system dependancies for these upgrades

    Good luck

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