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    Unanswered: Updating a Table Column in A97


    I have a Table called Table 1 (assume) and that Table has a field called Rent. I use another Table, say Table 2 which has details of income and I need to insert the Rent values from Table 1 in fields called DUE1 , DUE 2, DUE 3 etc up to DUE 53 in Table 2 depending on the week number. Any suggestions of code to make this easy? The RENT may vary through the year so hence the need to update weekly into fields.


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    I don't know but having fields DUE1 through DUE 53 doesn't sound like a very normalized table structure and thus would be have to develop with.

    For example, what would you do when the year suddenly switches?

    You might want to consider using a subtable or something with a date field perhaps.
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