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    Unanswered: Count Query

    I am really having problem with the Count query.

    I have a table called school_holiday withe the fields School_Id, Holiday_Date.

    Now i want to find out how many school holiday did a particular school had in a specific date rage.

    I have tried many ways but it dont seem to work, gives me the wrong result.

    Please can u help me out.

    Thanks a lot


    This does not work :

    SELECT School_Holiday.School_Id, (Select count(School_Id) From School_Holiday Where School_Id=1 and Holiday_Date between #01/06/03# and #31/06/03#) AS TotalHoliday
    FROM School_Holiday
    GROUP BY School_Holiday.School_Id;

    It gives me the right result for the range 1/06/03 to 31/06/03 but if i change the date range it gives me the same output as before.

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    Never mind, got it working.

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