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    Unanswered: DB2 Replication

    Hi !

    First time DB2 replication is resulting in error. Could you pls tell me the ideal parameters to start a capture program for the first time. The query status showed that fetched returned no rows. The parent table had 11 rows. Target database had the table replicated but not the data. Pls help


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    Hi Latha,

    Have u followed all the steps properly which are the documentation. Which OS are you trying this on? Also send the error in the trace file. Anyway i am sending steps for NT:

    Steps For Replication Process

    1.Creating the Replication service.
    (If you want to operate Capture and Apply as services)
    The following steps explain how to install the replication service and set it up as an NT service.

    In this section, x:\ refers to the drive and directory containing executable programs. These programs are usually located in the \sqllib\bin directory.

    To install the replication service and set up the NT service:
    Open a command window, and change to the directory containing the executable file ASNINST.EXE.
    Install the replication service by typing the following command:
    Set up the service from the NT Control Panel:
    1. Ensure that the startup type is automatic.
    2. Specify the local user ID and password and click OK. The user ID must be the one that runs the Capture and Apply programs and has the appropriate DB2 privileges.

    Add the environment variable ASNPATH to specify the location of the Capture and Apply program files:
    Create an ASCII file called ntserv.asn to run the Capture and Apply programs:
    1. Open a new file and enter the following records:
    2. db_name x:\ASNCCP parameters
    3. db_name x:\ASNAPPLY parameters

    Where db_name specifies the name of the source database for the Capture program and the name of the control database for the Apply program, x:\ is the location of the programs, and parameters specifies one or more invocation parameters (such as the Apply qualifier).

    To use the Capture program and Apply program trace facilities, specify the invocation parameters in the file.
    For example:

    The TRCFILE invocation parameter is necessary, in addition to the usual trace invocation parameter (such as TRCFLOW), to generate an Apply program trace.

    Do not specify an output file name for traces. These will be written to default locations, with default file names, as follows:

    For the Capture program:
    For the Apply program:

    4. Save the file to the following location:
    5. x:\ntserv.asn (pro*\SQLLIB\bin)

    The Replication Services program stores all messages in x:\asnserv.log. If you encounter any problems, check this log file for error messages.

    To stop the Capture and Apply programs:
    Important: After you start the service, the Capture and Apply programs run independently of ASNSERV. Therefore, stopping ASNSERV does not stop the Capture and Apply programs. Use the ASNCMD STOP command in a command window to stop the Capture program. Use the ASNASTOP command in a command window to stop the Apply program.
    To remove the replication service from the NT service:
    To remove Replication Services from the NT Control Panel, run the ASNREMV program.


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