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    Unanswered: extent size when using "alter fragment"

    We use Informix 7.31. When using the "alter fragment on table ... init in .... " command for reorganizing a table by putting it into a new dbspace, the extent size is not what is expected ! We used the "alter table ..." command to change the next extent size to 204800 Kb. After the fragmentation the first and only extent of the table has a size of 126526 pages (4 KB) so that corresponds to 506104 Kb, which is a lot more than we wanted.
    We have the same problem with other tables and there seems to be no link between the wanted and obtained size !

    How is the extent size chosen ?

    Best regards.
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    This is called extent concatenation. If two extents for
    the same table are physically contiguous, they will
    be considered as one extent by Informix.

    This is nothing you have to worry about. It is a good
    feature that reduces the number of extents per table.

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