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    Unanswered: Conditional input?


    I’ve been reading this forum for a few months now and have been able to find answers to my questions by using the search function. I just want to thank those who post both questions and answers.

    I have a question now that I couldn’t find an answer for. I have a form which is used to enter data in a table. Two of the fields in the form and table are named Vendor and Awarded Category. What I need to do is this: when Vendor is not null then Awarded Category must be filled in from a pull-down menu. I have the pull-down menu in place. I'm using Access 2000 on a Dell Optiplex Gx 110 running Windows 2000.

    I would appreciate any help.



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    I got the answer.

    Validation rule for Vendor: =[Awarded Category] Is Not NUll.

    Thanks :-)

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    Very tricky Jazzy1, and thanks for posting the answer you figured out!
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