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    Unanswered: from v8 to v7 - Backout Migration

    I'm doing a document on migrating our databases from V7 to V8 ....

    If the migration fails, I'll have an offline backup of the V7 databases to go back to ...

    But, what if, I find a problem after the applications have used the database for a few hours and I want to go back to V7 .... Can the backup of V8 be restored into V7 ... #

    I'm on Windows 2000



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    It might be best to have a test system and to install V8.1 FP2. The intial releases usually have a "few" problems.

    WIth a test system, you can try to restore a version 8 backup of the sample database onto version 7. If you absolutely cannot do that, maybe someone can send you a file that contains a backup of a version 8 sample database and see if you can restore it to your version 7 instance.

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    did a backup of v8 sample database sample and tried restoring into v7 instance ...

    C:\>db2 restore database sample user db2admin using db2admin from c: into v8samp

    SQL2069N An invalid image was encountered on media
    "c:\SAMPLE.0\DB2\NODE0000\CATN0000\20030603\134532 .001". The image was
    created for database alias "".

    So, if this is not possible, what is the best way to fall back ?


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