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    Unanswered: Cannot connect to online server

    From time to time, we get an error when trying to connect over TCP/IP or shared memory and a db connection (any db in the installation) is refused. Users who already have a db connection are not affected, but new connections are not allowed. If one of the connected users exits dbaccess (for example), then another user who was previously denied access can now get access. It works on 1-1 basis at this point - 1 user disconnects and another can connect. The error returned by informix is..

    No space left on device annot connect to Dynamic Server 2000 ifx62.

    I look at disk space and make db consistency checks etc and nothing shows as a problem. There are no error messages in informix logs, only to screen at time of attempted connect.

    We have Informix Dynamic Server 2000 Version 9.21.HC3 on HP-UX 11.0. Rebooting seems to fix the problem fo a short while, but does not give permanent fix.

    What is limiting the connections? What other information do you need from me to help?

    You can see our onconfig attached.

    Any help you can give is appreciated.
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    Maybe it helps to tell you how many concurrent users we have.

    Today we have the problem, and we have 15 connected users. Other times I have seen the problem with something like 6 or 7 connected users. That is to say, there is no absolute concurrent user limit that I can see that starts the problem. Sometimes it happens with very few users, other times with more.

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    Check the informix releasenotes and make sure
    that your kernel parameters are configured

    Especially on HP I remember the Parameters
    SEMMNU/SEMMNI which might limit the
    number of connections to your databaseserver
    (at least for shared-memory 'onipcshm' connections).

    Also set the NETTYPE parameter in your $ONCONFIG
    appropriately. This is absolutey necessary for
    shared memory connections, otherwise you are limited
    to around 50 connections.

    NETTYPE ipcshm,1,200,CPU

    With this entry Informix would start one pool thread
    for shared memory connections on a CPU VP
    which will be able to accept about 200 connections.

    Best regards

    IT-Consulting Herber

    Download the IFMX Database-Monitor for free at:

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