Another problem:
We connect to a DB on MF from our workstations through DB2 Connect. It works great through DB2 Connect which installed on NT.
Now we installed DB2 Connec on AIX.
My problem' is that when I try to connect through my workstation to AIX I get the message (CCA3006N): there is no protocol that the 2 machines can talk through.
That comes when I try to add the DB through the Client Configuration Assistant. I must say. That when I write the name of the server, my computer sees it, and even the DB is shown. Just when I get to finish this massage comes out. In other computers that thing doesn’t happen. What can be so different between the computers ?

When I add the DB through the Command Line Processor, I don’t' get any message. When I get into the Control Center, I see it. I enter the password for the AIX server, and after that I insert the user & password for the MF, but it always returns that the password/user is incorrect, but I don'r see that in the master of DB2 (when I enter the user for AIX there, that is not defined in the MF, I see error message in the master).
It's really weird.
Why is this like this ???