My PRO*C( application on SUN OS 5.7
64bit(-xarch=v9) spawns a few threads
(POSIX threads), each of which has a separate
connection to the ORACLE(8.1.7) server and each
of them use their own context (sql_context) to connect
as well as access the database.
Each of the threads do SELECT's heavily and almost
every SELECT is via a explicit cursor.
Every thing seems to be working fine for a while,
infact quite a while, after which one of the threads will
have a Segment violation.
The segment violation does not happen when only one
thread is spawned.
I have observed that the segment violation follows a
oracle error 24364 [ internal error while padding blanks ]
in some other thread. The violation happens in one of the
oracle calls in the shared image libclntsh.so
Any clue will be appreciated. Do you think it is happening
because i am doing something wrong like overrunning allocated
memory or something wrong in the way i am handling
the multiple threads.
Action for 24364, BTW is "Contact world wide support".
Anyone who has done something similar ??
Thanks and regards,