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    Unanswered: Shrinkfile Transaction log files.

    I need your help.
    I have read various post about this subject but when I tried to do it.
    It was unsuccessful.

    My database is in Full recovery mode.
    I need to shrink the tlog file which is 8 gigs. But the data on it is only 500 megs.

    1. Backup database
    2. Backup Tlogs
    3. in Query analyzer.
    DBCC shrinkfile (mydb_log, 600, truncateonly)
    The file did not shrink.

    4. I use Enterprise manager and use various shrink file options via the GUI but still not luck.

    5. It is only when I change the database to SIMPLE mode , then I can shrink the log file via the EM GUI.

    6. Then change back to FULL.

    Is this normal???


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    take a backup again after truncate

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