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    Question Unanswered: Transaction log full

    This is the situation:

    The database is 6 Gbytes.
    Our system will do trsaction log back up every 1 hour. The
    log size actually is $24M, so really small.

    Web server will make trsaction to this database.
    When the time transaction log backup job kick in at 5:00
    PM (it happens every hour), Our error log have this error
    message "Trsaction log full". Actually the web site
    experiences like the database is dead.

    There are 340M free disk space. The log will grow 15M each
    time dynamically with unlimited restriction.

    Will the trsaction log backup use a lot temperary space ?
    Will it use around 340M to keep the trsaction log backup
    happen. The actually log size at this moment is only 24M.
    we have 340M free disk space, trsaction log will only
    extend 15M each time.

    I just want to check everyone to see if trsaction log
    backup use a lot of temporary space, for this case 340M rest of disk space. It will prevent the trsaction log from growing when there is still trsaction happens to the database while backup is doing. That's why we have this rror message at the time we are doing trsaction log


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    use shrink database and transaction log in backup process

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