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    Unanswered: tuning parameter

    Dear Viewers,

    Good morning and wish you all a good day....

    My query is , what are the tuning parameter you can get to know that their is a problem with REDO ALLOCATING LATCH or REDO COPY LATCH after quering the v$LATCH table.

    To solve this problem what are the paramete you will add in the INIT.ora parameter file

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    mani PS

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    Re: tuning parameter


    In Oracle7 and Oracle8.0 , LOG_SIMULTANEOUS_COPIES (This parameter controls the number of redo copy latches when the system has more than one CPU) and LOG_SMALL_ENTRY_MAX_SIZE

    In Oracle 8i and oracle 9.0, these parameters are obsolete.

    In Oracle9.2, multiple redo allocation latches become possible with init.ora LOG_PARALLELISM. The log buffer is split in multiple LOG_PARALLELISM areas that each have a size of init.ora LOG_BUFFER. The number of redo copy latches is determined by the number of cpus.

    hope this will help you

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