My db is currently being used at work on a standalone pc.
There are two possibilities for next fall, semester one:
Install it on the server/split back front end etc. or install it in
the central office (it's currently in the teacher's lounge) on another
standalone pc.

I have several concerns about moving the app to a server and would
like to know exactly what I can expect if we do so.

1. Speed? How much of a hit will the app take in general? Loading
forms, making entries now takes a split second.

2. We aren't using Access's security. We are using a simple
form/password (User Code) that I created. It's not very secure at all
(not needed) but it throws the user's code into the main form to save
retyping it there.
The user keys in userID and password. If the password is correct the main form opens and their userID is input into the UserID field.

I'm worried about what can/will happen when two three users are
logging in at the same time and entering their User Code at the main
screen. Will there be any conflicts of User Codes being entered into
the main table?

If so, can Access' password security system be set up to function like mine, where the UserID is automatically input into a form's control until they log out?

TIA Eric